All politics have become digipolitics. From small-scale activism and social movements, to the vast infrastructures of state and corporate power, every form of effective political action is now inextricably embedded in digital communication and information systems. Summoning the historical metaphor of the body politic—in which subjects were incorporated into the body of the king and then the nation—this series begins from the principle that these technologies have become implicated in another incorporation, with new centres of power and capacities for action. Digipolitics collects ethnographic works that illuminate this emerging socio-technical order. Positioning the ethnographic encounter as the source of conceptual insight, we seek submissions that are able to advance a new vocabulary of power from the mouths of its own collaborators.

We are now soliciting works of ethnographic theory between 60-95,000 words in length, which advance the anthropological understanding of this growing area of social life. All regional specialisms welcome.

Series Editor: Vita Peacock vita@hausociety.org

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