HAU Submissions Guide

Please send HAU a book proposal rather than a complete, full-length manuscript. This will help us quickly assess your work’s fit with our organisation. Your proposal must include the following:

1. A covering letter that concisely gives key facts about your manuscript. This should be no more than three paragraphs and identify intended audience, explain the book’s purpose and how that will be achieved, highlight your work’s outstanding features, and include relevant themes, arguments, contribution to scholarship and place in the literature.

2. Table of Contents with concise, paragraph length descriptions of each chapter, showing how each chapter contributes to the logic of your argument, how they relate to each other and if they are derived from previously published material.

3. Book Proposal (Project Description) must give an accessible overview of your work in 6 pages. This includes an account of your book’s relationship to comparable or competing works, your assessment of your book’s audience, and details including word count of the completed book (including the main text, footnotes, bibliography and any appendices), number of illustrations (photographs, line drawings, charts/graphs, tables, screen grabs etc.) and your reason for including them. Also give the current status of your work and schedule for completion.

4. Curriculum Vitae

5. Sample chapter (Please do not send us the complete manuscript unless and until we request it.)

6. Essay abstracts if your submission is an edited collection. N.B. Curriculum Vitae will need to be submitted for each contributor.

7. Are you sending your manuscript to other publishers?

8. Why would you like HAU to publish your book?

When complete, please email your proposal to books@hausociety.org