Recent and Upcoming Releases

Magic CoverMagic: A Theory from the South
Ernesto de Martino
Four Lectures CoverFour Lectures on Ethics
Michael Lambek, Veena Das, Didier Fassin, & Webb Keane
Translating Worlds CoverTranslating Worlds
Carlo Severi & William F. Hanks
Cover Coming SoonThe Relative Native
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro

Moore CoverComparing Impossibilities
Selected Essays of Sally Falk Moore
Mauss CoverThe Gift
Marcel Mauss
Strathern CoverBefore and After Gender
Marilyn Strathern
Hamayon CoverWhy We Play
Roberte Hamayon

Bonhomme coverThe Sex Thieves
Julien Bonhomme
Values of Happiness coverValues of Happiness
Iza Kavedžija & Harry Walker (Eds.)

Wittgenstein coverThe Mythology in Our Language
Ludwig Wittgenstein
On Kings CoverOn Kings
David Graeber & Marshall Sahlins
Turner CoverFrom Hospitality to Grace
Julian Pitt-Rivers
Turner CoverThe Fire of the Jaguar
Terence S. Turner


The Malinowski Monographs

World coverWorld
João de Pina-Cabral
Mosko CoverWays of Baloma
Mark S. Mosko
Carey coverMistrust
Matthew Carey
Ssorin-Chaikov coverTwo Lenins
Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov


Anthropological Keywords

Fake CoverFake
Edited by Giovanni da Col


Hau Book Series (2012 – 2014)